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You're Worth Saving: A Fred and Spike One on One's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
You're Worth Saving: A Fred and Spike One on One

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[16 Aug 2005|12:28pm]

The lights in the lab exploded, leaving us in pitch darkness, as Fred's lab doesn't have windows. Probably a safety thing for Wolfram and Hart - no chance of anyone peeking in. The wind made a strange howling noise. Despite being a ghost I still had my vampire eyes, so I had no problem seeing Fred crouched over, shielding herself from the flying broken glass. The guy who was supposed to be helping us was huddled over a book, muttering. I felt a huge pain, as if something was ripping me open. Then there was the sensation that I was being stuffed inside of something.

My body was being built. I could feel sinews stretching, blood vessels snaking alongside long bones. It was agony, even though it took mere seconds. I felt my body return to me, my dead heart safe in my chest again, my skin grown. I was about to shout out in triumph when I noticed a green light over by Fred. Then, in the blink of an eye, she was gone.

"What the hell did you do?" I shouted, rushing over to where she had been. The light flashed, and I felt myself being moved. I could just hear a faint cry from the traitor back in the lab:

"No, you're not meant to go, only the girl! The Partners have plans for you, wait..."

But now I was somewhere else. I looked around. Fred was staring at me, looking very confused. She made a sarcastic remark but I was too startled to really pay attention.

We were in the middle of a plain. It was certainly a plain plain - no trees, stunted grass. And thin sunlight. Sunlight? I yelped automatically then realised I wasn't on fire. Was I human, then? I touched my heart. No, still not beating. We must be in a different world altogether, where the whole mystical burning thing didn't count.

"Well, we're not in Kansas any more, Toto," I said softly.
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[15 Aug 2005|02:06pm]

Spike stood where I told him to and then the guy started to read off the spell. But well, something didn’t feel all that quit right about what he was reading. There was something different, something that I don’t remember being in there before.

The lights started to flicker and a strong wind started to pick up. I glanced around as I it almost looked like everything was moving around us. Next thing I know I hear the lights shatter and I quickly cover my head in my arms. Then there was silence. I moved my head away from my arms and opened my eyes to well….I wasn’t exactly quit sure what is was.

I glanced over to Spike..”Uhhh Spike?” I glanced around noticing that the guy wasn’t there and well quit frankly the whole lab wasn’t even there. “W-what just happened? Where are we?”

I wasn’t even sure if I should move or not. There was well nothing around us. Besides the circle I told Spike to stand in and a few odds and ends that were once in the lab. It was as if everything that was around the area Spike and I were standing was here. Everything that was by that guy wasn’t well here.

“This isn’t right. I calculated everything out a few times. I know I didn’t make any mix ups.” Just then it hit me exactly where we are working and why we shouldn’t trust any of the employees there.

“So much for trusting the now turned good employees of Wolfram and Hart.” I say in a slight sarcastic tone.
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[03 Aug 2005|05:10am]

I don’t see why Angel treats him the way he does. Sure he may have been all fangy long ago but he wasn’t anymore, not that he didn’t still have the fangs and all because of course he still had that just he wasn’t well you know, bad. He even had a soul, talk about all kinds of weird happenings around here. And there we were all thinking that Angel was the only vampire with a soul. That opens up so many more possibilities. But right now all I had to think about was trying to get him back in his corporal form.

Lately I’ve been working on a theory, more of a hunch actually but if the amulet trapped his essence for quit some time then he must be connected to it. Maybe by somehow distracting some of the power out of it or ugh, I just don’t know anymore. There is just so much to it and I’m afraid of how much time he may have left. He came to me the other day asking for my help, he’s been disappearing to a place that well isn’t the best place to be going.

Its as if something seems to keep on missing to the formula and I don’t get what it could be.

I take a step back and glance at the white board that I had been writing the formula out on. I can tell that the answer is so close and oh I think I got it. That makes perfect sense, I don’t see how I didn’t get that before. I mean now that I look at it, it wasn’t so hard to begin with. The problem would be turning a none corporal spirit back into a corporal human, one that is actually alive with flowing blood and all that. You can’t just hit someone up with organs that work again, well I’m sure if you used the right sort of magic and knew what you were doing but once an organ has been dead for so long it completely not usable anymore.

I add in the last few parts of the formula then step back once again to look it over. I look it over with satisfaction. I just know this is going to work, it has to work. Only thing I need to do is find Spike and may have to find the others. I’m not sure if I could pull this off by myself. Sure science was my thing but this involved a bit of some spell casting at the same time.
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OOC post [02 Aug 2005|09:44pm]

Hiya Stephy :D

Just thought I'd create this OOC post. That way in future if we need to talk about the game, we can leave comments here. Probably not worth making an OOC comm just for us! :) I saw you'd put a post on your Fred journal for the game, if you wanna put that in here I'll be glad to tag :) I'll add you as maintainer to the comm - let me know what journal you want put on.
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